My Girlfriend was all For it When I Got Her Name Tattooed on my Chest


In a tale that intertwines love, tattoos, and digital deception, a woman from Texas found herself entangled in the intricate web of a catfish. Jass, a 20-year-old, fell for a captivating online persona named Lillian, complete with enticing tattoos and undeniable confidence. Little did she know, her journey would take an unexpected turn, leading her to question the authenticity of her online love.

Jass’s story unfolded on MTV’s reality television show Catfish, shedding light on a year-long connection that took a surprising twist. Initially drawn to Lillian’s allure on a dating app, Jass found solace in their frequent phone conversations. However, red flags emerged as Lillian consistently avoided video chats, sparking Jass’s suspicion.

Jass, a 20-year-old from Texas, got her online girlfriend's name tattoed on her
Jass, a 20-year-old from Texas, got her online girlfriend’s name tattoed on her credit: MTV.

Taking matters into her own hands, Jass uncovered a shocking revelation – Lillian wasn’t honest. Instead, her online love interest was a catfish named Kayla Johnson. The heartbreak intensified as Jass realized she had immortalized Lillian’s name on her chest with a tattoo just months prior.

She showed off the large tattoo on her chest
She showed off the large tattoo on her chest credit: MTV

Despite the deception, Kayla, the Catfish, wanted to salvage the relationship, leaving Jass torn between love and betrayal. Grappling with conflicting emotions, Jass confessed, “I don’t know who she is anymore. My trust went away, but my love didn’t.”

Even after Kayla’s admission, the Catfish refused to reveal her true identity through video chat, perpetuating the mystery surrounding her appearance. Understandably wary, Jass struggled to reconcile her feelings after this emotional rollercoaster.

The hosts of Catfish conducted their investigation in a bid to unveil the truth. The shocking revelation exposed Kayla’s lies again, as the photos she shared belonged to a girl named Imani. Armed with the phone number Jass had been calling, the hosts unraveled the Catfish’s real name – Shynia – and her Florida address.

Upon discovering she had gotten catfished, Jass traveled to Florida to confront her "girlfriend"
Upon discovering she had gotten catfished, Jass traveled to Florida to confront her “girlfriend” Credit: MTV.

Confronting Shynia in person, the hosts and Jass discovered that the Catfish’s motives were rooted in revenge against an ex-girlfriend who had cheated on her. Shania, grappling with her emotional turmoil, confessed, “I feel like I was lying because I was just trying to protect myself.”

She discovered her girlfriend's real name was actually Shynia
She discovered her girlfriend’s real name was ShyniaCredit: MTV

The plot thickened as Shynia admitted she wanted to come clean about her deceit, especially after learning about Jass’s tattoo. However, the fear of Jass’s reaction kept her entangled in the web of deception. Despite Shynia’s apology and an admission of love, Jass chose not to reconcile, hurt by the depth of the betrayal.

The two weren't able to repair their relationship after Shynia's betrayal
The two couldn’t repair their relationship after Shynia’s betrayal. Credit: MTV.

As the story unfolds, Shynia is on a path to redemption, actively saving money to assist Jass in removing the tattoo that serves as a permanent reminder of a love that turns out to be nothing more than a digital illusion.

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