Mythology Tattoos Surge in Popularity: Kiljun Chung Inks Greek Gods and Timeless Tales

Fashion has always been obsessed with mythology. Whether it’s Medusa on the Versace logo or Gucci’s Dionysus handbag, brands continually lift inspiration from mythological figures—be it Hermes or Nike. Even in 2023, the crossover between fashion and mythology is still strong.

Now, the focus is on mythology, which is seeing buzz in the tattoo world. According to tattoo artist Kiljun Chung (the moniker @kiljun on Instagram), Greek gods and goddesses have been among the most popular tattoo styles this summer. Whether it’s an entire leg covered in a Greek tragedy or Medusa on your arm, these regal tattoos always spark a conversation.

“When it comes to Greek statues, there is a sense of holiness and a pureness to convey a sense of nobility,” he said. “The beauty of mythology tattoos lies in the fact that they are timeless.”

Mythology has consistently ranked high on the list of timeless tattoo art. On TikTok, Greek mythology tattoos have garnered over 35 million views, whether it’s tattoo ideas or the stories behind them. After all, mythology is among the oldest ways to tell stories around love and war, depicting portraits of beauty while being packed with wisdom. While every interpretation varies, some classic proverbs prevail.

4 Zeus
Zeus (left) and Ares (right), tattooed by Kiljun. kiljun tattoo

Chung, an award-winning tattoo artist and founder of Seoul Ink Tattoo studio, likes to take cues from trends but keeps his art classic. His aesthetic is marked by high-contrast figures, texture, dramatic shading, and bold lines. Whether it’s Ares or Athena, Chung inks these mythological tattoos in chiseled form. His shaded style makes them look like they are marble statues in museums.

He started tattooing in 2007, working in Virginia before returning to Seoul in 2011. Having won over a dozen tattoo awards at conventions in Fort Bragg, San Antonio, and Salt Lake City, Chung is primarily known for inking K-pop stars, like 2 PM, and punk band No Brain and South Korean rapper Yoon Mi-rae. Over a decade ago, he started out doing color tattoos, but now, he works primarily in black, grey, and white.

This summer alone, Chung has tattooed Zeus, the god of the sky and thunder. He has also inked a muscular Hercules, a demi-god and the son of Zeus. He says portraits of Athena, the goddess of war, and Pluto, the underworld god, have also been famous this summer. Chung has also tattooed Hades, Dike, Phosphorus, and Plato, among others.

7 Athena
Athena, tattooed by Kiljun Kiljun tattoo.

Many of these tattoos represent strength and power, and the people who get these tattoos are experiencing their challenges. It’s also a bona fide tattoo for history buffs. “It’s truly for people who have a love of ancient culture,” said Chung

One of the most popular tattoos in 2023 was Atlas, the Titan who held the heavens on his shoulders (represented by a celestial globe resembling the Earth). Another popular one is the tattoos of Medusa, the femme fatale, who went viral on TikTok as a symbol of strength for sexual abuse survivors.

To Chung, mythology is more than just a symbol. “One of my favorite myths is about Prometheus, the god of fire,” he said. “The everlasting conflict between man and god can be depicted in my art.”

Chung comes from a fine art background, so it was a natural extension for him to ink Greek gods. He has inked tattoos based on famous artworks, like “The Nature” by Alphonse Mucha from 1900, and various Archangel Michael figures based on historical paintings.

Atlas, a tattoo by Kiljun Kiljun, a tattoo

He thinks the interest in classic mythology tattoos will continue to thrive until next year. “Mythology tattoos are not something that follows a trend,” said Chung.

“There are always people who look for this style. I truly think that there is beauty in the fact that Greek mythology has various interpretations. It has a charm that doesn’t change over time.”

“It’s timeless.”

Kiljun tattoo artist photo Hansoo Lim
Tattoo artist Kiljun hansom Lim
5 St Michael
St. Michael the Archangel by tattoo artist Kiljun Kiljun tattoo

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