NFL Draft 2023: Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson lead the way in a strong quarterback class

Florida Gators’ quarterback Anthony Richardson was a physical specimen and went fourth overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. However, his 13-year-old brother stole the spotlight with a silky-smooth voice and a neck tattoo.

The younger brother of the new Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Corey Richardson, has revealed that his older sibling is a significant influence.

Corey, in an interview, revealed a voice suitable for a radio show host. His older brother being selected by the Colts inspired him.

“This was very special to us because we look up to him so much, and I’ve wanted to be as he is,” Corey said.

Stark pointed out that the brothers wore similar clothes. He has the same haircut as Anthony, seven years older than him.

Anthony Richardson responds to a message from his brother

Corey shares the same level of confidence as his elder brother. Stark had him check himself on the monitor when called out. The younger Richardson told her that he did look good.

He continued to show his love for Anthony by sending a heartfelt message, which made the new Colts quarterback shed a few teardrops.

“Goodness gracious, man. Anthony replied, “I’m trying to get out all my tears.”

Richardson is joining a Colts’ locker room where a number of quarterbacks have started in recent years, even though he only played 22 games while in college.

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