After closure, Nite Owl Tattoo, the home of Athena Castillo is reopened

Nite Owl Tattoo Studio where Athena Castillo is an 8-year-old artist has reopened Fredericksburg Road, the business announced Wednesday.

After reviewing the licensing records of the studio, the Texas Department of State Health Services determined that one of its licenses had expired on June 24, and the studio was forced to close temporarily. According to the agency, it also had an unpaid administrative penalty from a 2020 inspector. The studio was able to renew its license and received its payments recently.

Nite Owl’s second location at 7121 U.S. Highway 90 was in good standing and continued to operate while the Fredericksburg Road location closed.

Lara Anton, Senior Press Officer at DSHS, sent an email saying that “Nite Owl Tattoo Studios have been licensed and are in compliance again.”

The payment overdue was due to a 2020 inspection when the state discovered that the tattoo shop had not been licensed. DSHS confirmed that the license payments were made on Feb. 10, but it took some time for them to process. Diane Castillo, the owner of Nite Owl, told the Express-News previously that the office manager responsible for renewing the licenses had been fired.

Athena Castillo was not a tattoo artist and the fines were not connected to her work. Texas does not require tattoo artists to be over 18 years old. San Antonio has such requirements.

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