Pete Davidson is allegedly removing his tattoos related to his ex Kim Kardashian following their split

Following their split in August last year, Pete Davidson’s tattoos devoted to Kim Kardashian’s name branding and famous ‘My Girl is a Lawyer’ have all disappeared. He now moves on with his life.

Meet Cute actor, aged 29, was seen enjoying a romantic getaway in Hawaii earlier this Saturday with Chase Sui Wonders (also an actress and co-star in Bodies Bodies Bodies),

While taking a dip in cool water, the star showcased his current tattoo collection. He seemed to have revealed that any Kim-related ink was not visible, including his initials and the sentimental phrase ‘Jasmine & Aladdin’.

Disappearing ink: Pete Davidson has removed or covered up his Kim Kardashian tattoos following their split last year in August. He is pictured here in Hawaii over the weekend while on a romantic holiday with his latest love Chase Sui Wonders

Pete Davidson’s Kim Kardashian tattoos have been covered up since their August split. He was pictured here in Hawaii on Saturday while on a romantic vacation with Chase Sui Wonders.

Before: Pete proudly had his 'my girl is a lawyer' tattoo on show while holidaying with aspiring lawyer Kim on holiday in June

Before: Pete proudly displayed the ‘my girl’ tattoo while vacationing with Kim, an aspirant lawyer, in June

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After: Saturday’s lawyer tattoo was missing from his collarbone

The couple shared their nearly one-year-long relationship by revealing that the SNL alum had many different tattoos in relation to the reality star.

Kim opened up about special inks and the meaning of some tattoos last April when she visited the Ellen DeGeneres show.

“Yeah, there are a few tattoos on him,” he said. A few of them were cute,’ the SKIMS founder revealed on the episode. “Oh, that’s so adorable,” I thought, but that’s what tattoo artists do. They get tattoos that depict what’s going on in their lives.

Before: Pete had Kim's first name branded on his chest just months into their fling

Before: Pete had Kim’s first name tattooed on his chest just a few months before they started their fling.

After: The Kim branding has now been erased from the front of the dog design on his right pec

After: The Kim branding is now gone from his front dog design on his right pec

He had one tattoo that he got during their romance: her first name, followed by her first and last initials, North, Saint, and Chicago. On the right, he has his collarbone and collarbone.

But, he noticed that the ink was no longer there as he cooled off in the blue waves of Hawaii during Saturday’s Hawaii trip.

Before: Pete had the initials KNSCP (Kim, North, Saint, Chicago, Psalm) on his other collarbone and an infinity sign with Jasmine and Aladdin, a reference to their first kiss on SNL

Before: Pete wore the initials KNSCP (Kim North, Saint Chicago, Psalm) and an infinity sign together with Jasmine & Aladdin on his other collarbone. This was a reference to their first kiss, which took place on SNL.

After: The is now barely any trace of the two tattoos

After: There is no trace of the tattoos.

Kanye West (also known as Ye) had originally criticized the tattoo’s meaning during an Instagram rant. He had written, “Ask Pete what those tattoos of me kids are doing in the trauma unit,” he wrote.

According to Page Six, Pete was spotted earlier late last year in October while on the set of his project called, Bupkis, and a large, white bandage could be seen covering his left collarbone area where he had previously gotten the, ‘My Girl Is A Lawyer’ tattoo.

The publication was confirmed by a source that the actor was removing some tattoos’, but the particular bandage dressing wasn’t related to the lawyer’s tattoo.

The tattoo was visible above his left collarbone, however, it was not visible during the romantic beach trip. Kim had passed the ‘baby bar exam’ in law school, which was how the comedian got the phrase.

Pete also had a branded tattoo of her name on the chest. Kim also spoke out about it to Ellen.

Furious: Kanye West, also known as Ye, lashed out at Pete after learning he got the rapper's kids initials tattooed on his body

Furious: Kanye West (also known as Ye) lashed out at Pete after discovering that he had the initials of his children tattooed on to his body

Kim told the host that he said that he felt like he wanted something that was there that he couldn’t get rid of. Kim explained that he had been working on getting rid of his neck tats as well as his arm tats. Kim also stated that he didn’t want to be in a position to remove it.

Social media users first saw the “branding” tattoo after Pete’s pal shared a picture of the actor on Instagram. The word Kim was located on his upper right side. Since then, the photo was deleted.

People reported that one of the last tattoos Kim had was a Jasmine-Aladin tattoo with an infinity sign in the middle. These words were placed right under Kim and her children’s initials.

Kim and Pete had previously met when she hosted Saturday Night Live in Oct 2021. They shared their first kiss while performing classic Disney characters during sketches.

The actress and businesswoman spoke out about their kiss in an interview with Not Skinny But Not Fat last year when they were still together.

Crazy ink love: Pete dated Kim for only nine months. They are seen here the 2022 MET Gala in NYC

Crazy ink love: Pete was with Kim for nine months. You can see them at the NYC 2022 MET Gala

‘When I kissed her, I was just like, “Hmm!” Although it was staged, the kiss was still a bit zingy. “It wasn’t crazy,” the mother of four explained.

“I was just like, “Hmm,” and then I was like: “Wow, I haven’t kissed anyone in 10 years so maybe it’s just me being stupid, and it’s just nothing and it’s just a stage touch.”

The couple enjoyed many lavish trips together and a glamorous appearance at the New York MET Gala 2022.

However, news of their split was confirmed later in August, with a source telling People at the time, ‘Part of the reason they split was because of their busy schedules. Both were constantly on the move, and it was very difficult.

New love: After his split from Kim, Pete was briefly linked to Emily Ratajkowski but he is now romancing his Bodies Bodies Bodies co-star Chase Sui Wonders - pictured here with him in Hawaii on Saturday

New love: Pete split from Kim. He was briefly linked with Emily Ratajkowski, but now he is in love with Chase Sui Wonders, his Bodies Bodies Bodies Star.

Pete appears to have removed Kim-related tattoos. However, SNL’s star Pete seems to have also removed other tattoos, including those on his arms that were once completely covered.

On Late Night With Seth Myers, he explained that his decision to begin the removal of his tattoos was because of his budding acting career.

Seth was told by the star that he originally thought Saturday Night Live would become his “last job.” He joked that people don’t realize that he’s a bit old.

“I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to act. It’s something I really love. Pete explained that it takes three hours to cover all tattoos so you need to be there before the set time.

He admitted that he was burning them off. ‘Burning them off is worse than getting them, because not only are they, like, burning off your skin, but you’re wearing these big goggles, right? So you can’t see anything and the doctor’s in there with you.’

New focuses: Since the break up, Kim has been focusing on her careers, and raising her children, and admitted last month in December that she had a 'flirt on the side'

New focus: Kim is now focusing on her career and her children. She admitted in December last year that she was having a ‘flirt’ on the side.

Kim has remained focused on her career and her four children since their divorce. When she stopped by Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop podcast last month in December, she admitted to the actress that she had a ‘flirt on the side.’

Pete is also moving on. He was previously associated with Emily Ratajkowski (supermodel), until they decided to end their relationship after only two months.

Recently, he was spotted out with Chase Sui, actress and Bodies Bodies Bodies star, on romantic outings. However, his representative denied that there were any romance rumors between them two weeks prior.

The alleged couple was seen sharing a tender kiss on Thursday during a day trip at Universal Studios Hollywood. Pete and Chase were also seen cuddling up together on Saturday on a Hawaii beach. It was clear that they are confirming their budding relationship.

Pete Davidson’s love history

Carly Aquilino (2014–2015)

Before his fame on Saturday Night, Live Pete was a sexy couple with Carly. They starred together in MTV’s Guy Code, and Girl Code. Even though the romance did not work out, Pete and Carly remained friends. He later called her “one of the coolest girls I’ve ever seen” and stated that they still “hang out all the time” after the split.

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Cazzie David (2016–2018)

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Pete dated Cazzie for two years, the daughter of comedian Larry David. They also made many public appearances together. After they split, Pete began to date Ariana Grande.

 Following their break up, Cazzie penned an emotional essay About Their Breakup, in which he revealed Pete ended things via text.

Ariana Grande (2018)

Pete began dating Ariana in the same month as he ended his relationship with Cazzie. They were soon engaged in a matter of weeks and their relationship quickly progressed. Pete said that he knew the relationship was over when Ariana left him to grieve Mac Miller’s death. In her hit song ‘Thank U Next’, Ariana mentioned Pete later.

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Kate Beckinsale (2019)

42199908 9509901 image m 4 1619374379682

Pete was then able to move on with Kate Beckinsale who was twenty years older. They were first connected in January. They dated until at most April. Pete acknowledged that the couple’s age differences ‘never bothered him’. In Touch was told by a source that Pete was an ‘exciting breath of fresh air’ to Kate.

Margaret Quality (2019).

Pete was linked with actress Margaret Qually shortly before he parted ways with Kate. A source told Us: ‘They’ve been seeing each other for a couple of months and Margaret is really excited about him.’ However, it wasn’t clear that the couple was in a serious relationship. They were reportedly together for only two months between August 2018 and October 2019.

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Kaia Gerber (2019–2020)

42199928 9509901 image m 18 1619374572287

Pete quickly left Margaret for Kaia Gerber, the daughter of Cindy Crawford. They were seen holding hands several times, but their whirlwind romance ended in January 2020 after only three months. 

He sought treatment at the Sierra Tucson treatment center in Arizona shortly thereafter.

When asked about their split during an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, he confirmed they dated ‘for a few months’ but said she was ‘very young’ and he was going ‘through a lot.’

Phoebe Dynevor (2021)

Bridgerton star Phoebe was spotted with Pete on a walk in Stoke in April 2021, confirming their love.

There were rumors about their relationship for weeks before the sighting. A source told People that Pete is ‘telling friends he is serious about Phoebe’.

When Pete was captured visiting Phoebe’s Manchester in March while she was visiting New York (where he lives), speculation began about the relationship.

In August, they broke up after trying to make things work long-distance ‘put a strain’ on their relationship.

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Kim Kardashian (2021–2022)
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Kim Kardashian and Pete started a relationship that was fueled by their kissing on camera in October 2021, when she hosted her first SNL show.

Secret meetings took place throughout the rest of the year. They had private dinners, and even a trip to see a movie. Pete rented a theater at Staten Island’s favorite multiplex.

The couple became a married couple in 2022 when they made it official on the red carpet. Pete later appeared on her new reality series The Kardashians.

But they were subject to harassment by Kanye West’s ex Kim through much of their relationship.

They were said to have split after their work schedules caused them to not be able to communicate.

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