Israel Adesanya’s Latest Hawk Tattoo is Unveiling the Meaning Behind It


Another thing that made the former champion at middleweight? Israel Adesanya’s tattoos are what makes him unique. ‘The Last Stylebender’ makes sure that he keeps adding meaningful tattoos to his body. The UFC star also added a new neck tattoo. By looking at the tattoo, all someone can say is that it’s a hawk; however, its meaning is much more profound. The tattoo is a mix of Egyptian and American styles.

Adesanya, however, took to Instagram not long ago to explain the meaning behind his hawk tattoo. Millions of netizens had already noticed the new ink. The internet was once again surprised when Adesanya’s rumored girlfriend, Shana Evers, posted an Instagram story of her wearing a pendant similar to that of Adesanya’s new neck tattoo.

Shana Evers’ love for Israel Adesanya

Evers is an Australian model. She was first noticed by many people when she was dating Fortafy. They have a daughter called Egypt. However, their relationship didn’t last long, and recently, Evers is rumored to be dating UFC star Adesanya. Fans have been closely monitoring the Australian model since the rumors began to spread.

Indirectly, she indicated on her Instagram that she might have connections to The Last Stylebender. She uploaded a selfie video of her wearing a pendant resembling Adesanya’s new neck tattoo. She also captAdesanya’svideo “My Pendant Found.” Evers ensured she “focused on the pend”not to show her followers how special it was for her. She would have thought of Valentine’s through the tattoo matching gift to her partner on Valentine’s Day.

The meaning of the hawk tattoo

 Not so long before, fans got curious when Adesanya’s stories focused on Shana EversAdesanya’sculated that the two could have a romantic relationship. The UFC champion has yet to make an official announcement about the relationship. Both Shana and Adesanya follow each other on Instagram. Adesanya posted a picture of herself and Shana on Instagram. Fans were able to confirm their relationship by seeing the picture. Furthermore, the MMA fighter commented, “What was I missing??” under the post.

The” story of Adesanya’s” neck tattoo is quite interesting; The Last Stylebender took to Instagram to explain the meaning of the hawk tattoo to his followers. Adesanya wrote, “When the storm comes, all animals hide, “and the hawk flies over it and looks into its eye.”

His tattoo was named Montu by him. According to Egyptian tradition, Montu is the God of War. This is why Adesanya’s tattoo is called Montu. Montu Adesanya’s a man wearing the head of a falcon.

Israel Adesanya’s Latest Hawk Tattoo is Unveiling the Meaning Behind It

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