Pink Fan’s Dedication Knows No Bounds and The Story of an $800 Tattoo

Pink’s Birmingham show is the perfect opportunity for a Pink-obsessed fan to customize her new tattoo. A vast Pink fan, Caz Howett, booked to have Pink’s image etched on her arm in October.

Along with booking the tattoo, 52-year-old Caz also purchased tickets for her and their partner to Pink’s Villa Park show on Tuesday (June 13, 2013). Caz was then contacted last week to inform her that there was a cancellation in the Holy Spirit Tattoo parlour, Chesterfield. Roman, the artist, could tattoo Pink before she goes to Brum.

Caz spent seven hours getting her Pink tattoo and £800 on it. And is now hoping to get her Beautiful Trauma ‘signed, sealed and delivered’ by the star. She hopes A Million Dreams will come true when Pink comes to Brum. Caz loves Pink’s Raise Your Glass, Mr President and all of her songs.

From Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, Caz said: “I admire what she stands up for. Her music is so meaningful. She writes about her life in her songs and doesn’t give a ***t. She makes sense.”

Caz said she only has tattoos that are ‘meaningful’ to her, like one of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis, who she has loved since she was a kid, going to his home, Graceland, in 2017. Or her mum and two dogs who have passed away” She added Pink to her left forearm as a tribute to the singer/trapeze artist who performs on stage.

The tattoo shows a pink image from her World Tour 2019 and a picture of her singing while on a swinging trapeze chair. She never thought she would get it before the Birmingham concert.

Caz Howett has had a Pink tattoo with the star's portrait and one of her on a trapeze inked on her forearm and now wants the star to autograph it so she can get that tattoed too
Caz has a stunning Pink tattoo by Roman inked at Holy Spirit Tattoo Studio, Chesterfield. She hopes the star will sign it during her Villa Park performance.

Caz said: “I booked the tattoo ages and ages ago – paid the deposit in January for it to be done in October. It was a long time before I received my tickets to Villa Park.

“I got a phone call from the tattoo shop a couple of days ago saying they’d had a cancellation. It was the following day. “I got it done Thursday, June 8.”

The idea to ask Pink to sign a tattoo was born in the tattoo shop. Caz has seen Pink in Liverpool before and is going with her partner to Villa Park, with her ‘golden circle’ tickers near the stage.

Pink performing on stage
Pink performs at the University of Bolton Stadium as part of the Summer Carnival Tour. (Image: Andy Von Pip/ZUMA Press Wire/REX/Shutterstock)

She said, “I also wanted one with Pink on the trapeze. This is something that no one else does in a show. Everyone in the studio loved that Roman Holy Spirit was incorporated into the design.

The studio asked me to interview one of their photographers. They said, ‘Maybe you could get it signed?’ I was like, ‘Oh, I doubt it’.

“Then, it planted seeds in my mind. I’ve tweeted Pink and emailed Marshall Arts Entertainment to ask about her management. It won’t come to pass. That is the worst outcome.

“If she signs it, it is sealed.” It would be everything. If she agrees, the tattoo shop has told me to get her to sign your skin, not the tattoo, because it is still healing. They will permanently tattoo the image if you take a photo.

Caz is also a big fan of Elvis and has him tattooed on her left arm
Caz has a tattoo of Elvis on her left forearm.

She has also had admirers in the past week, including a Next shop assistant who asked: “Is this new?” B****y hell, it’s fantastic.

“If I met Pink, that would be incredible in and of itself.” I’d be at a loss for words. It would be complete if she signed my arm. Caz will turn 53 next month.

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