Puncturewala Tattoos Finds a Permanent Canvas at Homework Studio, Mumbai


Puncturewala Tattoos has embarked on an exciting journey, unveiling its brand-new tattoo shop at Homework Studio in Mumbai. This transition from compact tattoo stations in public spaces to a dedicated and permanent spot marks a significant milestone in their evolution, and they’re thrilled to share this chapter with the world.

Homework Studio proudly serves as the home for more than 30 skilled tattoo artists hailing from various corners of India, all affiliated with the renowned Puncturewala Tattoo Festival (PWTF). The studio’s core concept remains unwavering: to curate and showcase iconic tattoo artists from different parts of the country as monthly guest spots.

This approach closely aligns with the spirit of the Puncturewala Tattoo Festival, drawing inspiration from the enduring legacy of roadside tattoo stalls that embody the creativity and compact setups embraced by street vendors across India. The platform invites artists nationwide to display their flashes and creations, creating a vibrant environment where attendees can immerse themselves and get “Punctured” while bringing along their sense of humour.

Homework Studio stands as the driving force behind the captivating Puncturewala Tattoo Festival, a celebration of India’s diverse and vibrant tattoo culture. Driven by a profound belief in the power of creativity and artistic expression, Homework Studio meticulously curates exceptional tattoo artists nationwide. This ensures the festival showcases aesthetic beauty and educates attendees about each artwork’s historical significance and symbolism.

Successfully hosting six editions across Mumbai, Bangalore, and Goa, Homework Studio tailors its selection of artists to each city’s unique demographic and prevailing trends, offering attendees an immersive and enlightening experience. Beyond mere entertainment, the festival is a platform for artists to forge deep connections with the audience, fostering understanding and appreciation for the art form.

Rooted in joy, amusement, and a profound reverence for art and design, Homework Studio infuses the festival with cultural exchange and boundless creativity, making it an indispensable event for art and tattoo enthusiasts.

The integration of Puncturewala Tattoos into Homework Studio represents an innovative collaboration, providing a permanent space for these talented artists to showcase their work while nurturing a community of passionate art enthusiasts.

The festival’s lineup features some of the most influential names in the tattoo and design industry. From Chew’d Perfect to Flyin Munki, Bruce Dunn to NishFishTattoos, each artist brings a unique style and perspective to the art form, contributing to the rich tapestry of creativity.

Puncturewala Tattoos at Homework Studio in Mumbai becomes a convergence of art, culture, and expression. This commitment to fostering creativity and cultural exchange mirrors the studio’s dedication to celebrating India’s dynamic tattoo culture. As the vibrant ink flows within the studio’s walls, it becomes not just a physical space but a testament to the enduring spirit of artistic exploration and community building.

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