Quincy Police Investigate Fake Tattoo Store That Has Been Scamming Social Media Users

At least a dozen people across Massachusetts have been scammed out of money by a fake business that has gone by “KTD_Tattoo_Studio” and “KandT_Tattoo_Studio” on Instagram and TikTok, with an address listed on South Street in Quincy.


It is branded on social media as a new tattoo shop in Quincy (Massachusetts). The problem is that it doesn’t exist.

“When I got my appointment, I drove to the place and arrived there. Ivana Awanda of Marlboro said it was an old man’s apartment and there wasn’t any tattoo studio. “It didn’t even exist. I was duped. I think I spent around $100 on deposits.

Quincy Police have now warned of a fake Instagram account and TikTok account that scammed at least 12 people in the state of getting their deposit money.

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Quincy Police Investigate Fake Tattoo Store That Has Been Scamming Social Media Users 20

The address of the fraudulent business is 514 South St., Quincy.

“They said, “Hey, I am a new artist in the area, and I have a private workshop, just trying to get my name out there,” said Michaela Zouharis. She claimed she had communicated with the fraudster via private messages on TikTok. “I was having my ears pierced with a sister when I got a phone call. And my friend said, ‘Yeah. It’s a scam.

The business was named “KTD_Tattoo_Studio” on social media platforms, but on Tuesday, it changed its name to “KandT_Tattoo_Studio.”

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Quincy Police Investigate Fake Tattoo Store That Has Been Scamming Social Media Users 21

Stephanie Disla, a Barre resident, stated that she drove for an hour before realizing that the tattoo studio was not there.

She said that an older man came out to say that it wasn’t the first time and there is no tattoo studio in Quincy. He also suggested that she report the matter to the Quincy Police Department. “Cash App is trying to deny us our money and saying that we shouldn’t send money to people we don’t know. This is true even though we thought that all of us were getting tattoos.”

Detective Thien Le, who is the Quincy Police Department’s lead investigator, said that a search warrant was issued for Cash App, operated and maintained by Block, Inc, and authorized police to examine transactions between victims and KTD Tattoo Studios, the account holder.

Le said to NBC10 Boston that Le is still waiting on information from the search order for the department to apply for charges.

Tayler George, a victim of Holden, also stated that they have not been able to receive any refunds.

George said, “They requested a $100 deposit and they only had Cash app. I sent it.” “They refused to refund my Cash App deposit and I requested a refund. They’ve been neglecting me since then.”

“I’m pretty angry. It is a pity to be scammed out, but I did tell people about it and recommended them,” she stated. “And I’m mad at myself, too, just for not — if it seems too good to be true, it probably is, and I should have known. It can sometimes be hard to spot these signs.

Interviews with the victims were conducted by NBC10 Boston. They all said that they would recommend other people do a Google search on any tattoo studio before booking an appointment.

To help future victims avoid being scammed, the Quincy Police Department referred to the Federal Trade Commission’s resources and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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