San Diego Tattoo Shop Reports Theft of $20k Worth of Property.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGTV) — Surveillance video shows a thief breaking into a tattoo shop in downtown San Diego.

Black and Grey Atelier employees report that the thief stole more than $20,000 in equipment and supplies on Saturday morning. The shop can be found at 15th and Market St.

“Things were out of place…specific things as in tattoo machines, stencil makers, needles to tattoo,” said Esteban Benitez, a Black and Grey Atelier tattoo artist.

Benitez believes the man captured on camera in the shop knew the location and the items inside.

Benitez: “You could almost tell they knew what they wanted.”

He claims the man broke into a lockbox through this door and disarmed his alarm.

He claims that some items are irreplaceable. “Many of those things were close to your heart because it was your art.” Many machines are unique.

He said that this week, they received an outpouring of support. Other artists and stores have donated or loaned supplies to help keep them open.

” These small things prove there are many good people in the world. It’s sad and scary to have to be on guard at times.

Has contacted SDPD regarding the latest developments in the search for the suspect. We are currently waiting for a reply.

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