Sasha Beart Navigating Tattoos, Immigration, and Asylum in Pursuit of a Fresh Start


A porn star who fled Russia for a new life in the US now wants to rid herself of her tattoos – including an intimate one above her bum.

Sasha Beart
Sasha bears the explicit tattoo on her left arm (Image: the Sasha Beart/Instagram)

Russian-born Sasha Beart faced draconian anti-LGBT laws if she stayed in the war-mongering nation led by Vladimir Putin. So, after flying to Turkey and then Mexico, she eventually successfully gained asylum in the US.

Since arriving in the US, Sasha has yet to restart her adult career but has contacted a top agent to get the ball rolling. And she hopes she’ll make enough money to remove her remaining tattoo.

Sasha Beart
Sasha Beart told her story on the Plug Talk podcast(Image: the Sasha Beart/Instagram)

She explained on the notorious Plug Talk podcast that she’s already had most tattoos removed from her face and neck. But she still has the words “anal sl*t*” emblazoned on her upper arm and the words “insert here” just over her bum.


Sasha told co-host Lena the Plug: “I hate tattoos so much.” She added that the “anal sl*t” tattoo was a deliberate attempt to publicise her porn career. And she had the help of her boyfriend, too, as the pair of them agreed on the words and positioning.

Pointing at her bottom, Sasha said: “I have a tattoo ‘insert here’. It’s like a coin machine”.

Sasha Beart
She explained how she crossed from Mexico into the US and applied for asylum (Image: the Sasha Beart/Instagram)


But now she is also trying to launch a music career with her new track, Dirty Russian Machine. And is the New Year’s Solution for Sasha to get rid of her inkings? To never hook up with a man who had tattoos.

Explaining in more detail how she arrived in the US, Sasha said: “I came here by crossing the border with Mexico,” she said. “I came from Moscow; I packed all my shoes and bags and took a plane. I flew from Moscow to Istanbul, then Istanbul to Mexico City.

“I spent one month in Mexico City, then I took a small plane to the border with Texas.”


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