Shrek Enigma TikTok Stunned by Alleged Forehead Tattoo


Tattoos have long been a canvas for personal expression, but one TikTok sensation pushes the boundaries with an eyebrow-raising homage to everyone’s favorite ogre. A Shrek superfan, seemingly taking cues from viral tattoo pranks, has ignited a debate about the line between dedication and absurdity.

In a video posted by Will Thomson, a tattoo artist and self-proclaimed “professional roaster,” the TikTok community witnesses the creation of an outlandish forehead tattoo featuring the unmistakable Shrek logo. Set to the iconic strains of Smash Mouth’s “All-Star” (a nod to the Shrek movie soundtrack), the video leaves viewers in awe and skepticism.

If indeed authentic, the tattoo follows a recent trend sparked by TikToker Ana Stanskovsky, who went viral for a forehead “tattoo” of her boyfriend’s name, prompting discussions about the wisdom of permanently inking a partner’s name.

The Shrek forehead tattoo, however, takes the concept to a new level, leaving TikTok users divided between genuine shock and the possibility of a well-executed prank. As comments flooded in, speculation about the authenticity of the tattoo added to the intrigue.


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♬ original sound – Will Thomson

“Surely not?” questioned one viewer, expressing doubt about the legitimacy of the Shrek tattoo. Yet, amidst the skepticism, others embraced the humor and absurdity of the situation. “Tattoos are cheaper than therapy,” quipped one viewer, while another playfully declared, “Shrek is love, Shrek is life.”

The lingering question remains: Is the Shrek forehead tattoo real, or another clever prank? Will Thomson, the orchestrator of this viral moment, has yet to confirm its authenticity. A perusal of his TikTok page, filled with memes and parody tattoo advice videos, suggests a penchant for humor and satire. As the online community eagerly awaits clarification, the Shrek enigma continues to captivate and confound.

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