Surviving the Danger Escaping a Near-Death Encounter in Brown’s Farm


In the heart of Brown’s Farm, a tale of survival unfolds as a tattoo artist, filmmaker, and music producer, Noulen Basson, recounts a harrowing near-death experience that shook him and his friend to their core. This story, shared through a compelling podcast, has captivated the attention of more than one million listeners, shedding light on the problematic realities lurking within this neighborhood.

In a series of chilling events in August, Noulen Basson and his friend found themselves on the brink of tragedy. What began as an innocent arrangement to purchase a car part via Facebook took a sinister turn when they were lured into a problematic situation. A gang of twelve individuals, driven by criminal intent, unleashed a terrifying ordeal upon the unsuspecting duo.

The situation quickly escalated, pushing Noulen Basson and his friend to the precipice of danger. However, their quick thinking, resilience, and remarkable courage allowed them to escape this life-threatening situation. Faced with adversity, they fought against the odds, demonstrating the strength of the human spirit in the face of danger.

Noulen Basson decided to channel his traumatic experience into a powerful podcast, not just to share a chilling tale but with a noble purpose – to save lives and create awareness. In his gripping narration, he utilized visuals and Google map locations, offering an immersive experience to the listeners. His journey through this dark encounter has become an invaluable resource for the public, serving as a cautionary tale and a potent reminder of the potential dangers in Brown’s Farm.


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The region of Brown’s Farm has garnered significant attention, particularly from law enforcement, due to its concerning history of murders and attacks on both sellers and buyers. While police have made multiple public appeals urging people to exercise caution and avoid this area, the criminal syndicate continues to operate, primarily driven by youth.

Basson’s podcast struck a chord with the public, leading to messages from individuals who had been victims of similar incidents. His endeavor to educate and protect innocent marketplace users has not gone unnoticed. He firmly believes Brown’s Farm should be designated as a “National Security Risk” due to the alarming frequency of the area’s deaths, robberies, and premeditated crimes. Basson advocates for a robust military intervention to address the situation effectively.

However, the prevailing sentiment among the local police seems to be apprehension and fear. Private security personnel have been tragically targeted, and those who mistakenly enter the area often face injury or worse. The urgent need for a comprehensive approach to address the security challenges within Brown’s Farm cannot be overstated.

The podcast is a chilling account of a near-death encounter and a rallying cry for the community’s safety. The stories of survivors like Noulen Basson underscore the critical importance of being vigilant and informed when entering unfamiliar territories. While the danger in Brown’s Farm is palpable, awareness and knowledge can serve as powerful shields against the lurking threats.

The words of caution issued by Noulen Basson are unequivocal: “Stay away from Brown’s Farm. Stay away from Philippi; there is an active syndicate, and they will kill you.” It is a stark reminder that vigilance and awareness can make the difference between life and death in such perilous neighborhoods.

The devastating consequences of venturing into Brown’s Farm were tragically evident a year ago when Ben Tuzee, the co-owner of Dixies Restaurant in Simon’s Town, lost his life in the same area. He and his niece were lured under pretenses to Brown’s Farm, culminating in a horrific murder. Although three suspects were apprehended, including two teenagers, the area’s dangers persist.

Captain Ian Bennett, the spokesperson for Manenberg Police, emphasizes the need for individuals to be fully aware of the potential risks when entering township areas like Brown’s Farm. Public safety should be a paramount concern with ongoing robberies and criminal activities. Raising awareness and educating the public about the perils of these neighborhoods is essential to minimize the risk.

The Western Cape Minister of Police Oversight and Community Safety, Reagen Allen, has committed to making policing visible in these high-risk areas. He applauds the efforts of Law Enforcement Advancement Plan officers actively deployed in regions with high murder rates, making progress in the ongoing battle against crime. While arrests have been made, the collective goal remains to address the challenges within Brown’s Farm and ensure the safety of all residents and visitors.

The riveting story Noulen Basson shared is a compelling testament to the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. It also highlights the importance of staying informed and vigilant when traversing unfamiliar territories. Brown’s Farm may be fraught with danger. Still, knowledge, awareness, and community support can be powerful tools to navigate the darkest challenges and emerge with safety and resilience.

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