Cher tattoo artist from Tampa celebrates six decades in the industry

Tony Baker is his legal title, but a mistake on a business card provided Doc Dog’s identity.

In the 1970s, he asked for his name on the business card for his first tattoo shop to say “Dog,” which was his longtime nickname. “Like a dog, I was everyone’s best friend,” he said. The print shop thought he said “Doc” and put that on the card.

Tony "Doc Dog" Baker's poses with some of his staff
Tony Baker poses with his Las Vegas Tattoo Co., Ybor City staff. From left to right, staff members: Bridget, Kidd and Doc Dog, Alexis Waddells, Hunder Cummings, Tyler Burbank, Colt Bakers. Luis Santana/Tampabay Times/TNS
Getting inked
Tony Baker watches while Valencia Barnett, 44, holds Vakeeciya’s hand, as Colt Baker inks a tattoo at the Las Vegas Tattoo Co., Ybor City Luis Santana/Tampabay Times/TNS

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