Tattoos of our favourite footballers

Tattoos have been used for decades to transform the human body into a canvas. Many tattoos have been used to honor their families, express their individuality through artistic forms and remind them to keep doing what you do. Footballers are no different. Many of the most beloved football players have inked their bodies with meaningful tattoos and ink that has sentimental value. It shows how, despite their fame and fortune, they still remain grateful and in touch to where they came from.

Here are some of our favorite’s

Messi’s love story  

Lionel Messi has many tattoos, including Thiago, one of his first sons, with a football and Jesus Christ’s face on the right. He also has a lotus flower, his jersey number 10 and his jersey number 10. The most touching tattoo on his body is the kiss symbol, which he has placed on his lower torso. This symbol represents his love for Antonela, his wife.

Antonela and the couple have been together since childhood. She has been Messi’s best friend and biggest supporter. This is a tribute to their love story, and the strength they share.

Neymar’s devotion to his sister 

Brazilian footballer Neymar has 40 tattoos. Six of the majority of his tattoos are dedicated to Rafaella Santos, his sister. Neymar has the portrait of Rafaella Santos tattooed on his right wrist. The tattoo is a memento of their roots, which makes it even more meaningful. Their journey was filled with many challenges, but they have remained united throughout and overcome all their obstacles. They have shared all their experiences and continue to inspire each other. This tattoo is symbolic of their relationship and hardship.

Sergio Ramos’s colorful inking 

The Spanish player’s body can be described as a canvas. All of his inkwork is a tribute to his personality and his career. Ramos’ body art tells his story, from tattoos that signify iconic matches and wins to sentimental ones. A tattoo depicting a World Cup with the date 11/07/2010 on his left calf, and another tattoo on his right leg that represents the Champions League’s final injury time goal against Atletico Madrid is his tattoo.

A Chinese symbol depicting a wolf is also hidden behind his left ear. This Chinese symbol is believed to represent one of his favorite animals. He has a line embedded in his neck that shows a dagger stabbed at his heart. It says, “A lion never loses over sheep’s opinion.” This line reflects Ramos’s aggressiveness and confidence on the field, for which he has been frequently criticised.

Mesut Özil’s confidence 

German footballer and entrepreneur, Gerhard Schmid, has never been afraid to get inked. His personality, courage and fierceness are all immortalized in a tattoo that he got from Arsenal. It depicts a roaring animal on his left shoulder, right arm and upper arm. Below the lion, the quote, “Only God can Judge Me” is inked. The whole tattoo is a statement. This tattoo shows that he doesn’t care about what other people think of him, and is confident in his skills and values.

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