Teacher’s Tattoos and Piercings Spark Controversy Among High School Parents

Although teaching is a difficult job, many teachers have to deal with rude comments from their parents.

One teacher shared with us the unsolicited comments she receives from adults, and the positive feedback that students give.

High school teacher Amanda Ford said students love her piercings, but parents don't
High school teacher Amanda Ford said students love her piercings, but parents don’tCredit: TikTok/fairyniceofyou

Amanda Ford (@fairyniceofyou), a high school teacher, has tattoos and piercings. She isn’t afraid of showing them off.

To decry the rude and annoying comments her parents make, she used TikTok to record.

Ford describes herself in the video as “a young teacher with tattoos, piercings, and a youthful smile.”

Ford used a slideshow of stock photos to represent different figures and recorded any comments that she heard about her body ink.

Jokingly, parents are more likely to say that their kids will never leave.

It is also shared by her colleagues as teachers.

Ford wrote, “I wouldn’t get one myself, but you can wear it,” over a stock image of a female teacher.

Ford, despite his rudeness, doesn’t feel ashamed. He simply ignores bullying from other adults.

Students love her jewelry and ink, while she loves students. Some people have said she has “sick tattoos.”

Students told her, “I cannot wait to get one, but my mom said that I must wait.”

The tattooed teacher faces 'passive aggression' from parents and her colleagues
The tattooed teacher faces ‘passive aggression’ from parents and her colleagues credit: TikTok/fairyniceofyou

Ford is often asked by curious people what tattoos signify.

She claimed that one proud teenager even declared, “I pierced mine myself!”

Other teachers also commented in support of Ford.

“I feel this,” said a teacher, who answers similar questions from her teens. “I can blend in with both middle schoolers & high schoolers.”

Ford received support from a woman because she also has tattoos and piercings.

Another commenter stated that her most-asked questions are, “Did those hurt?”

Ford and She agreed that Ford’s passive aggression from other adults was the most frustrating part of their conversations.

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