Teen Mom fans think Rachel Beaver got two face tattoos as she shows off dramatic new look in shocking photo

TEEN Mom star Rachel Beaver posted a dramatic new look to Instagram, which has got people talking.

In an Instagram TikTok, Rachel (20) shows off her two-toned hair and thick winged eyeliner. She also has a mini-star black under each eye.

Teen Mom fans think Rachel Beaver got two face tattoos as she shows off dramatic new look in shocking photo
Teen Mom fans believe Rachel Beaver had two face tattoos. Rachel Beaver shows off her dramatic new look in shocking photos
Teen Mom Rachel Beaver dances in just her underwear and shows off major hair makeover in new TikTok
Rachel Beaver, a teenage mom, dances in only her underwear. She also shows off major hair changes in TikTok

Teen Mom’s star isn’t afraid to be bold. At one time, she had ombre-pink hair.

Rachel’s most recent look, however, is boldest. It appears that mini-stars are a permanent feature of her face.

The mother of one has not confirmed or denied that the tiny stars under her eyes are real tattoos.

Some fans are wondering if Rachel took her look to the next level with undereye tattoos.

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Reddit user: “Ummm, Rachel got face tats?”


Rachel’s Instagram account outlines her style journey in the last two decades.

In 2020, Rachel wore natural make-up and casual outfits. She wore bright pink hair and purple highlights.

Rachel wears a lot fewer outfits this year, and her hair is half blonde and half brown.

Entertainment is the most popular genre.

Teen Moms love Rachel’s style choices, which are often very innovative.


Instagram has received positive feedback about Rachel’s willingness for experimentation with her style from her fans.
One person wrote that she loved how “I love how your not afraid of being different.”

Rachel received compliments from other fans and was referred to as “gothic Lolita”.

One person wrote, “Dress me up queen lol. I love your style.”

MTV viewers are also shaming the reality star despite their fan love. Stephanie and Gen-Zer shared a raunchy TikTok.

Rachel wears a black crop top and flared black pants in the video. She also has creepy clown makeup.


Her mother, Stephanie, was also in the TikTok dancing behind her daughter in a t-shirt and sweatpants.

Stephanie then begins to dance by grabbing her breasts while sticking her tongue out and making crazy faces.

The video ends with her thrusting her hips in a circular motion.

Rachel danced even though her mother was making fun of the video.

When the clip was posted online, fans were quick to comment about the unexpected cameo.

One person stated that Stephanie “really added the cherry on top”.

Another commented: “… And to think that my kids think I am embarrassing – yikes! “How does a grandma indulge in such absurdity?”

Someone commented: “My husband noticed that her videos of her mother being silly get double to triple the number of likes.”

“She’ll be so embarrassed by them in the future. I’m glad this s**t didn’t exist when I was younger,” one fan raged.

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Another user wrote: “I believe that all of these TikToks are top posts on TikTok cringe.”

Rachel continues to post on Instagram and TikTok despite the negative reactions.

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