Teen Mom Jenelle Evans reveals regret over chest tattoo after fans spot ‘awful’ ink in new TikTok

Jenelle Evans, TEEN Mom’s star, has spoken out about regretting her chest tattoo that was spotted in a TikTok video.

While still on MTV, the former MTV star got “YOLO” inked on her body.

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans confessed her regrets over her "YOLO" tattoo
Jenelle Evans, Teen Mom star, admitted her regrets about her “YOLO” tattooCredit: TIKTOK/jenellelevans
The star shared a TikTok video in which the ink was visible
The TikTok video was shared by the star, in which ink was visibleCredit: TIKTOK/jenellelevans

Jenelle, 31, shared a TikTok clip from her New Years Eve celebration.

Star wore a black sparkly midi-length dress with clips and photos taken throughout the night. They were shared as the clip counted down until midnight.

A tattoo that reads “YOLO,” could be seen on her chest in several frames of the TikTok clip.

At least one commenter voiced concern over the ink and wrote: “Ok but, the yolo Tat is still giving major slay just sayingin’.”

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Jenelle replied, confessing her regret.

“Omg I wish I never did that,” she wrote, adding a laughing-while-crying emoji.

Others simply commented on her appearance with one saying, “Looking amazing!”

Another said, “You look amazing!”

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Jenelle shared several photos of New Year’s Eve.

Jenelle paired her extremely-sexy and curve-hugging gown, with black ankle boots.

She pulled her hair up in a high ponytail, and then went all-out with makeup.

The mom-of-three captioned the snaps: “Entering 2023 like…Happy New Year.”

David Eason, her husband, also uploaded a photo of the night out.

It was a cuddle between him and Jenelle.

In the photo, both were smiling amid rumors about their marriage.

David captioned his post with the following: “If my wife becomes any hotter, I’m gonna need to bring a fireplace extinguisher anywhere we go!” All the best for the new year!


Jenelle recently vented her frustrations online against her husband and accused him of “destroying” her birthday.

She wrote: “I don’t want to explain but just know that my birthday was ruined because of a narcissistic a**hole.”

“My children and Maryssa were the best. I couldn’t ask for better parents.”

Jenelle ended her remarks with the words: “They are absolutely adorable!” They make my birthday perfect.

She also uploaded a photo of her left hand as she held out her fingers in front of a Christmas tree.

While the former Teen Mom intended to show off her Apple watch, eagle-eyed fans noticed that her wedding band was missing.

This post was quickly deleted.

Later, she posted an online defense of her marriage to David.

On TikTok, she explained: “Yes, I called my husband a narcissistic a**hole. He can sometimes be. This is what I do sometimes. We argue.”

The ex-TV personality claimed her beef with David, 34, was “about luggage.”

Jenelle said, “Unlike other creators and persons, I’m very transparent, honest, and approachable.”

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“I don’t care if you care, so I’m going tell you.” It was all about luggage.”

She said, “I know it would be worse for you guys, but it isn’t.”

A fan commented that it looked good, but Jenelle claimed she no longer like it
Jenelle stated that she no longer enjoys it after a fan said it looked good.Credit: TikTok
Jenelle celebrated the new year with her husband David Eason at her side
Jenelle celebrated the New Year with David Eason, her husband.Credit: TIKTOK/jenellelevans
She shared off a series of sexy snaps from the outing
She shared a number of sexy photos from the outingCredit: TIKTOK/jenellelevans

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