UFC: Israel Adesanya’s Tattoos vs Alex Pereira’s Tattoos

UFC 287 headliners Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya both have impressive tattoos. Both the current champion of UFC Middleweight and the former champion has tattoos that reflect their roots. In Adesanya’s case though, his tattoos are less subtle than his rival’s.

Adesanya got a new tattoo just recently after his defeat to Alex Pereira at UFC 281. Take to his Instagram Last, Stylebender posted some photos and a short video that showed his latest tattoo. Izzy, however, challenged his followers to unravel the meaning of his tattoo.

The new tattoo above Izzy’s left eye was the Arabic word for “dragon”. The bird tattoo on his neck is believed to be Montu, an Egyptian war god. Other than those tattoos, Izzy has the words, “BROKEN NATIVE” emblazoned across his chest. Below that, Israel’s lower chest has a tattoo of the map of Africa, with his native Nigeria highlighted.

As an anime fan, Adesanya would be remiss if he didn’t get any tattoos relating to it. Adesanya paid tribute to Naruto, the anime that gave him his nickname Avatar, The Last Airbender. It is an impressive tribute to Naruto, and it’s a complete recreation of the sealing. “jutsu” From Naruto. Adesanya, a nod to his comic book roots, has a tattoo depicting Deadpool on his left side, just below his rib cage.

Izzy’s right bicep has a tattoo that depicts Calvin and Hobbes. It was created by Bill Watterson. Adesanya had a tattoo of a werewolf on his right arm in 2016. Both these tattoos were made by Adesanya’s favorite tattoo artist, the Stained Skin Artist.

Alex Pereira’s tattoos – what do they mean?

Like Israel Adesanya’s tattoos, Alex Pereira’s tattoos too symbolize things that are important to him. In Poatan’s case, his tattoos show the love he has for animals. On his body, the UFC middleweight champion sports tattoos of a gorilla and a jaguar. These tattoos also symbolize the fighting style of Poatan.

To me, the gorilla is a symbol of a lot. It’s a strong, independent animal with a strong connection to nature… the Brazilian jaguar is also very smart and ruthless. I strive to be like this in my fights. I hunt my opponents and then finish them without mercy,” Alex Pereira spoke out about tattoos of animals.

Alex Pereira tattoos
Alex Pereira’s tattoos all hold deep meaning to him. (Image Courtesy – Sportsmanor)

Alex Pereira has three dragon tattoos on their body. The first was when he was just 18. One of these tattoos depicts the legend of “The Dragon Gate”. Pereira explained, “When I got the Koi-fish tattoo, I didn’t know about the legend. Later, I found out that a Koi can transform into a Dragon if he swims up to the summit of a mountain. I think that’s cool.”

Adesanya and Pereira’s tattoos hold deep meaning and significance to them and their careers. These fighters have tattoos ranging from characters from anime to animals depicting legends. The tattoos on their bodies serve as reminders of their distinct personalities.

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