Unveiling the Coquette Trend: Exploring Meaning and Styles of Coquette Tattoos


Hailey Bieber has done it again, and this time, she has caused coquette tattoos to go viral. Known to bring forth glazed skin, strawberry makeup, and pastel manicures to beauty enthusiasts, Hailey Bieber started the coquette trend by featuring the ballerina aesthetic on social media.

The coquette aesthetic symbolizes playful, flirty, and romantic, and there are hundreds of coquette aesthetic clothes, coquette tattoos, and manicures on the internet for one to explore. Hearts, cherubs, and pearls are also emblematic of the coquette style, in addition to tiny, adorable bows.

Hailey Bieber's minimal coquette ribbon tattoo (Image via Instagram/ @haileybieber)
Hailey Bieber’s minimal coquette ribbon tattoo (Image via Instagram/ @haileybieber)

The newly trending aesthetic is one of the hyper-feminine trends that allows women to embrace romanticism and empowerment and flaunt their inner girly energy. Beauty enthusiasts also claim that coquette tattoos symbolize self-love and an ode to the vintage American era of summer fashion, where the aesthetic played an important role.

Cherubs, Ribbons, Cupid’s Arrow, and more: Coquette tattoo styles explored

Cupid’s Arrow

The perfect dainty, minimal, and meaningful coquette tattoo inspo, the Cupid’s arrow is ideal for people who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Inspired by the romantic theme of Valentine’s, one can opt for a micro-sized tattoo of one or two hearts pierced by the Cupid’s arrow.

It symbolizes being smitten with love, which can be many things, including self-love.

Ribbon Tattoo


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Ribbon tattoos allow one to choose from several variations, wherein one can opt for a detailed, flowing ribbon tattoo or get it done in a colour of one’s choice. Ribbon tattoos have multiple placement options and signify a woman embracing her femininity. It is also an ode to a form of childhood one likes to take along, given most beauty enthusiasts sported ribbons in their hair.

Fans of Lana Del Rey can choose a variation of the ribbon coquette tattoo right away, for the singer often wears ribbons during concerts and mentions them in her songs.


Who doesn’t love a baby angel portraying the love connection between heaven and earth? Like ribbon tattoos, cherub tattoos have varied designs, be it the classic cherub with a bow and arrow design or a cherub napping on a cloud.

However, these detailed tattoo templates might not be ideal for people seeking minimalistic tattoos. A part of the coquette aesthetic, cherub tattoos look cute on almost everyone.


A symbol of self-love, love for others, or just a dainty tattoo addition, heart tattoos are always trending. This tattoo design is a safe bet for those wanting a cute minimal tattoo yet has a profound meaning.

One can add colour variations to the heart tattoos, with the most popular placements comprising the arms and collarbone area. One of the popular coquette variations for the heart tattoo is a bejewelled heart featuring diamond-cut-like designs and the classic minimal, red, dainty heart.

Half Open Shell

Pearls form an essential part of the coquette aesthetic, and what better than a half-open shell with a pearl to exude the coquette vibe? Also known as a variation of the oyster tattoo, one can go for a minimal, straightforward outline or a detailed, shaded design.

Some believe the oyster with a pearl tattoo signifies how people open up and showcase their precious pearls, while for some, it is a visually pleasing tattoo design, especially for people who love the sea.

While coquette hairstyles and manicures are temporary, fans of the aesthetic can add a minimal coquette tattoo to cutely and stylishly embrace fierce feminity.


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