Unveiling the Mystery Behind BTS Suga’s Tattoo Designer Polyc SJ

“Spill tea, bestie.”

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BTS The ARMY is desperately trying to locate Suga‘s friendship tattoo.

Whether fans are zooming in on pictures from a photoshoot…

Or studying Suga’s abs…

Fans are still trying to solve the mystery of the tattoo’s location.

Some ARMY tried to convince Suga to reveal the location of his tattoo during his August D TOUR IN US| Agust D “D-DAY” TOUR IN US. Fans applauded them as they held up signs asking Suga for the location of the tattoo.

And while fans ultimately couldn’t find the location of Suga’s tattoo…


The recent Instagram story by the talented designer of BTS’s Friendship Tattoos was a hit with fans. Polyc SJ.

Polyc SJ revealed the locations of BTS members’ tattoos via his Instagram account. Suga, however, has not shared this information. Polyc SJ knows exactly where Suga’s tattoo is, but he respects Suga’s decision to keep the location a secret. Fans think he’ll post a photo of Suga’s tattoo as soon as the idol reveals it.

Fans were happy to see that Polyc SJ had uploaded a recent Instagram Story with ARMY’s attempt to get Suga to reveal his tattoo’s location.


Fans suspect he is as eager as the ARMY to learn where Suga’s hiding place is.

His sense of humor was a delight.

Some fans joked that it was a “Flex” for Polyc SJ to share this story with him since he already knows where the tattoo is.

Fans, including Polyc SJ, appear to be eagerly awaiting the final solution to the mystery.

Read more about Polyc SJ by clicking here.

Here you can learn more about the fans’ efforts to solve this mystery.

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