Unveiling the Symbolic Tattoos in Carey Mulligan’s Saltburn


Renowned makeup artist Siân Miller recently disclosed the intricate details hidden in Saltburn, shedding light on elements that may have escaped the notice of casual viewers.

In an exclusive interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Siân delved into her work on the polarizing film. She was responsible for applying makeup to the main cast and crafting tattoos that embody their characters.

Speaking about Pamela, portrayed by Carey Mulligan, Siân explained, “On Pamela, we had playing cards, dice, and a horseshoe because she’s so unlucky in love.” The horseshoe notably featured the word “lucky,” a clever reference to Margot Robbie’s production company, LuckyChap, which played a significant role in Saltburn.

Siân Miller at the premiere of Saltburn last year
Siân Miller at the premiere of Saltburn last year MAHER VIA GETTY IMAGES

Siân also highlighted a tattoo reading “R-Ash,” serving as a subtle homage to Richard Ashcroft. This choice underscored the shared experience of Pamela and Elspeth, who “came of age on the music scene dating rock stars.”

“We just had a lot of fun,” Siân added, emphasizing the creative and playful approach taken during the tattoo design process.

In a previous Instagram post from last year, Siân provided additional insights into the inspiration behind Pamela’s tattoos. References included the iconic singer Amy Winehouse and the character’s imagined “nightmares of losing her teeth,” a symbolic nod to Pamela’s “historical drug dependency.”

Since its debut last year, Saltburn has captivated audiences with its star-studded cast, compelling soundtrack, and audacious scenes. Those involved in the film’s production continue to share exclusive behind-the-scenes details, ensuring fans remain captivated by the movie’s allure.


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Over the weekend, Rosamund Pike shared her enthusiasm for the set, revealing that she enjoyed the experience so much that she found a way to insert her character into a scene she wasn’t originally supposed to be in, simply because she didn’t want to part ways with the excitement.

The film is currently available for streaming on Prime Video for those eager to explore Saltburn’s intriguing world.

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