When Tattoos Clash with Workplace Etiquette


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A WOMAN wearing sleeves with tattoos on her arms has revealed how she dresses for work.

She explained that to keep her dress code; she covered up all her tattoos.

A woman happily covered up her tattoos when she got dressed for work
A woman covered her tattoos with pride when she dressed up for work. Credit: TikTok/mrsinkeduk

The content creator (@mrsinkeduk() shared the video of the outfit with over 29,000 TikTok subscribers.

“What I wore for my tattoos in the office,” said she, strutting through her kitchen hallway wearing a black Turtleneck, maxi-skirt, and boots.

She explained that Monday’s outfit was a classic with a knee-length skirt and turtle neck. “The weather was miserable today. Hence the dark colors to match.”

She stated that she was happy to adhere to the dress code as long as she could continue working at a position she loves.

She said, “I love tattoos and my job. This is showing respect to whoever employs me and pays my bills.”

The content creator began her tattoo journey by adding a simple sunflower design but soon added sleeves she felt were inappropriate for work.

“Before I have a complete horror sleeve, I just had an orange sunflower on the other arm,” said she.

“Now that I have blood, guts, zombies, and Satan, I think I’ll cover them.”

In the comments, people praised her for her effort.

One commenter stated, “If they paid well, I would put in a lot of effort.”

The tattoo lover agreed. “Due to my work policies, I adhere to them. I am compensated well for them, so there is no issue.”

Another fan said, “I like your take.”

Get the tattoos you want, but dress appropriately and respect that they might not be suitable for work. I see no problem.”

She showed off her full sleeves and body tattoos
She displayed her body and full sleeves tattoos. Credit: TikTok/mrsinkeduk

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