Witness the Transformation of a Woman with 50 Tattoos


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A woman went through a significant life change. Glow up after covering her body with more than 50 tattoos.

Essie Bone, Los Angeles-based US, received her first tattoo. Since then, she has added more skin to her chest and arms.

She now has a whole sleeve of tattoos and inkings on both her abs and underneath.

According to the Daily Star, the 23-year-old said his drastic change was due solely to his sobriety.

Essie Bone has had a big change in appearance since she was sober
Essie has changed a lot since she became sober. (Image: Essie)

Essie has recently been causing people to ask: “You look different…I couldn’t recognize you.” What happened?

The blonde beau dressed her up in black laced-up corsets and shorts, showcasing the artwork she had done on her body.

She then shared an image of her before she started her tattooing journey.

The younger Essie appeared to have red hair, and no makeup was visible. She barely had any tattoos except the one visible below her collarbone and on her right arm.

She used to have red hair and barely wore any makeup before she started her tattoo journey
Before her tattoo journey, Essie had red hair and hardly wore makeup (Image: Essie).

She added, “She was part of my journey.”

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Essie revealed that “My glow-up transformation was mostly before and afterward I was sober. In the past, I did not take good care of myself and struggled with alcoholism and addiction.

After a few attempts, I am one year clean and active in AA.

I am frank about my involvement with the program and my past.

She didn't take care of her younger self and had to battle with alcoholism
Essie Bone is a woman who battled alcoholism because she didn’t care for her younger self (Image)

She revealed that her forehead was also reduced after sobriety.

In another TikTok video, she was aware of her “huge forehead” and used chin filler to balance the proportions.

“It was a relatively inexpensive procedure considering the cost of other cosmetic surgeries — It was around $5,000 (£4,017), including the flight (to Turkey),” Essie told us.

But now she looks completely different and is embracing her new look
Now she is completely transformed and embraces her new look. (Image: Essie Bonne)

She planned the surgery herself, despite knowing she had always wanted it. She researched all possible risks.

She said: “We all focus on our flaws’ every day when we look in the reflection. I was fortunate enough to be able to fix my biggest insecurities. I’m so grateful.

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