Woman’s Husband Gets Face Tattooed on His Thigh

Social media users have shared a woman’s story about how her husband tattooed her face on her thigh as a surprise. She wasn’t impressed.

A woman is mortified after her husband gets a tattoo of the face she chose on his thigh. The 29-year-old woman explained that her husband had been so excited to reveal the tattoo, but she could not hide her embarrassment when she saw it.

Redding, she wrote: “I’m out of the country at the moment visiting a very close friend. He sent me a video of himself and our cat in which he was subtly showing something on his thigh. We video-chatted to reveal it and asked him what it was. It was a face tattoo.

“He asked me what my favourite picture of myself was last week, so I sent him one. I asked him why, but he said he was simply curious. It’s my birthday and our anniversary soon, so I figured it might have something to do. “But no, it was the tattoo.”

A man getting a tattoo
The ‘first’ and ‘only’ tattoo he has (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto).

She explained that this was his ‘first tattoo’ and how he almost wept over her disappointment. She added, “I couldn’t conceal it from my face, and I hated it.” I asked if it was real and if the joke was on me. But he said it was not fake and that it looked like it.

The art was also not very good. He could tell that I didn’t like it. I told him that this was unexpected and that I wasn’t a fan of tattoos that depict people’s faces.

The woman was confused and asked him why he hadn’t consulted her before deciding to get the tattoo. He said that he wanted it to be a surprise.

He continued: “I told him this was not an acceptable gift.” He said he loved me so much that he wanted to show it on his body. I told him it was a matter we should have discussed since this was my face. There were other ways to show his love. I told him I didn’t know how he could have done this without telling me.

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