Woman’s Job Hunt Hindered by Tattoos, But She Doesn’t Care. TikTok Video Goes Viral.

A WOMAN has claimed she can’t get a job because her body is covered in tattoos – but she says she doesn’t care.

The TikToker, known as ‘Trinity Eclectic,’ went to the social media platform to explain things to her 180,000 followers.

'Trinity Eclectic' showed off her extensive tattoos to her fans
‘Trinity Eclectic showed off her extensive tattoos for her fansCredit: TikTok.

The short clip begins with her sitting on the ground wearing a cut-off black t-shirt that shows off her tattoos.

Her arms and legs are covered in black ink. She has a star and a cross on her forehead and one across her forehead.

The voiceover in the film asks: “What are you doing for a living?”Then it says: “I’m not working.”The voiceover continues: what do you do in a day?” The answer is “Nothing.”

The next question is, “Don’t want to work?”Answering “o” is the simplest way to do it.

TTrinity’sclip attracted more than a hundred comments. The opinions are divided.

One person said: “akes the people” Stax.”Others supported her. One added: “n short, iit’seeveryone’sDream.”A fourth person said: “gorgeous Lady.” over your tattoos.”A mum of seven with a face covered in tattoos complained earlier this month that employers had unfairly treated her.

Melissa Sloan, 46, is plastered from head to toe in colorful ink – including Playboy bunnies, the Kray twins, and cartoon marijuana leaves – but thinks employers wrongly assume she would be unprofessional.

In February, a woman with a face tattoo said she was constantly told it would stop her from getting hired.

Sophia Karisma, who goes by s0phiawiddah0ss, has a small heart-shaped tattoo on her cheek.

Another woman with a lot tattooed revealed the clothes she wears to work to cover up her tattoos.

She took to her Mrs. Inked UK TikTok page to share a video of herself in her work get-up – an H&M long-sleeved blouse, olive trousers from H&M, and New Look boots.

'Trinity' admitted she didn't want a job
Credit: TikTok

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