YGX Kwon Twins: A Fascinating Insight into Their Tattoo Talks with LSA Dony

Dony, one of the Kwon Twins, also stayed behind to discuss the meanings behind his tattoos.

We spoke to Dony, the more tattooed brother of the two, about the meanings behind his favorite tattoos. Dony revealed the purpose behind three of his arm tattoos. They are all closely tied to his family and the relationship he has with his twin.


The first tattoo he has is “Different But Same.” It refers to the traits he shares with his brother Deukie and how although they appear identical, they are different people.

This juxtaposition is continued with the skull tattoo, where two skulls wear different accessories. Dony’s “Worthwhile tattoo” features family members’ birthdays under the text design to remind him that spending time with his family is always worthwhile. You can see Dony’s tattoos in the Kwon Twins above video.

Here’s the recap of the opening from the “Jennie for Calvin Klein” event in Seoul.

(Video: Ryan Putranto/Lifestyle Asia)

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