Maya Jama’s Spontaneous Tattoo Adventure: A Lion-Inked Star Sign Tribute


Love Island presenter Maya Jama surprised fans by revealing her latest tattoo, acquired during a spontaneous visit to Cape Town’s Tomb Tattoo parlour. In a TikTok video, Maya shared the impromptu decision made with a friend while nursing a hangover, giving a special shout-out to tattoo artist Bruce.

Maya humorously described the spur-of-the-moment choice in the clip, admitting, “I didn’t know what I wanted until two seconds ago.” The revelation? A lion, a symbolic nod to her star sign. Her friend, joining the tattoo escapade, opted for an elephant design.


Spontaneous tattoo trip to Tomb Tattoo today 🤪❤️🇿🇦 Big up Bruce

♬ original sound – Maya Jama

While hosting Love Island: All-Stars in South Africa, Maya documented the process as she lay on her front, having a lion silhouette inked onto the back of her ankle. This isn’t Maya’s first foray into tattoos; two months ago, she proudly showcased matching designs with her best friends.

In November, Maya unveiled a trio of cartoonish faces with tongues peeking out, symbolising their everlasting friendship. The caption, “For life gang,” accompanied the snapshot, displaying their commitment to each other.

maya jama, love island all stars

Amidst Maya’s tattoo adventures, Love Island: All Stars introduced the Hideaway Retreat in the series. Georgia S and Callum emerged as the inaugural couple voted to spend quality time in the Hideaway. As Georgia navigates her feelings between Callum and Tom, the Hideaway provides a space for introspection before the upcoming recoupling.

For fans of Love Island: All-Stars, the drama and spontaneity continue to unfold, with Maya Jama‘s off-screen tattoo escapade adding a touch of excitement to her hosting duties.


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