Grandma’s Legacy With a Subaru Tattoo, an Unexpected Connection


The world is vast, yet I’m constantly amazed by how deeply connected we are. A story shared by TikTok user Buckaroo is the perfect example. Years ago, their beloved grandma passed away. She adored her 2003 Subaru Forester. That’s why, just a year ago, they decided to get a Subaru tattoo in honour of Grandma Jean.

Choosing who to give such a vital tattoo, I imagine, isn’t easy. But while scrolling on the Instagram Discover page, Buckaroo came across an artist they particularly loved. From there, they found the artist’s contact info and emailed him.

Side-view of a 2003 green Subaru Forester parked in a parking lot. Text on the image reads: He replied saying he'd be stoked to do it because he owns a 2003 green Subaru Forester just like the one my grandma had.

In the tattoo artist’s reply, he agrees to do it and expresses that he’s “stoked,” noting that he owns his own 2003 green Subaru Forester. Could there have been a better person for the job?

The answer was no, of course, but neither realised how perfect the match was until this loving grandchild arrived for their appointment. When they did, they discovered the tattoo artist’s car out front. After inspecting it, they knew it was Grandma Jean’s old car.

Grandchild Gets Subaru Tattoo in Honor of Late Grandma

Close up of beckaroo's late grandmother, Jean. She's smiling and is wearing glasses.

The biggest giveaway? The sticker on the back reads, “Clarity is Power.” Grandma chose this sticker because Clarity was her maiden name.

Buckaroo became emotionally overwhelmed, feeling like this moment was meant to be. A video documenting their experience has gone viral, with someone pointing out that this experience takes Subaru’s slogan, “love — it’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru,” to the next level.

View of the tattoo artist's Subaru from the back. We can see both the "Clarity is Power" sticker and the arm of the grandchild who got the tattoo. The Subaru tattoo is black and beautifully detailed. Text on the image reads: Yes, he had somehow came to own the exact car I had reached out to him to tattoo on me. (Clarity was my grandma's maiden name)

What are the odds? As many folks have pointed out, it does feel as though this was Grandma Jean’s way to approve of her sweet grandchild’s tattoo.

“Thanks for the wild lore, Grandma!” they wrote on TikTok.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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