Inkbox Teams Up with Travis Barker for Exclusive Tattoo Designs


Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink-182 and husband of The Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian, is embarking on a new entrepreneurial venture.

Partnering with the famous temporary tattoo brand Inkbox, Travis recently unveiled a collection of designed faux


On Wednesday, Travis gave his Instagram followers a sneak peek into this new endeavour. In a promotional video, he flaunted his collaboration with Inkbox and the vast array of authentic tattoos he has collected. Notably, his body ink isn’t just confined to his torso but extends to the top of his head.

The promotional video featured various models, each showcasing different designs from Travis’ temporary tattoo collection.

Travis launches surprising new venture
Travis launches a surprising new venture.

He enthusiastically captioned the post: “After decades of getting tattooed, I finally designed my tattoo collection with @inkbox. Art by @chueyquintanar #bondedbyink.”

The announcement was met with a flurry of comments. While the majority showered praise and expressed eagerness to get their hands on the new collection, some voiced scepticism.

Kourtney Kardashian sitting on Travis Barker's lap at baby shower
Kourtney and Travis’ baby is due any moment.

Comments ranged from enthusiastic endorsements like “I love Inkbox. This is such a smart and awesome idea” to more sceptical remarks like “Temporary tattoos? What are we five?”

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to venture into the world of fashion, beauty, or lifestyle products, leveraging their brand.

However, Travis’s decision to design a temporary tattoo line is unique, given his association with authentic tattoos.

Kourtney and Travis shared a kiss at the shower
Kourtney and Travis shared a kiss in the shower.

The collaboration with Inkbox hints at the evolving tattoo culture, which now includes those who might love the art but are hesitant to make a lifelong commitment.

However, this venture comes when Travis faces mixed public sentiment.

Recently, there’s been a whirl of chatter about his behaviour during Kourtney’s pregnancy.

Kourtney, currently expecting her fourth child and her first with Travis, will welcome the new addition to their family this fall.

The couple enjoyed a night out in Calabasas, California, just days ago. They dined at the local Crossroads restaurant, where Kourtney confidently displayed her baby bump in a form-fitting white maxi dress.

Travis, known for his rebellious streak, opted for a casual ensemble, wearing a T-shirt with swear words and a long-sleeved shirt, black jeans, and a beanie.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker can't wait to meet their baby son
Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker can’t wait to meet their baby son

This choice of attire garnered varied reactions on a well-known Kardashian internet forum. While some fans came to his defence, suggesting it’s a typical look for a rockstar, others found it less appropriate.

Comments spanned from the cheeky “Stay classy Calabasas” to the more understanding “Maybe Barker has that shirt on so paps can truly [expetive] off.”

Nevertheless, many fans praised Kourtney’s radiant look amidst the fashion critique.

Remarks such as “I love seeing her like this vs the pouty sexy pregnancy shoots” and “I think she looks good for being pregnant” reflected fans’ genuine admiration for her.

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