Mum with 800 Tattoos Reveals Uninked Look in Striking Photo


Melissa Sloan, a self-proclaimed “tattoo addict” with a staggering 800 inkings, recently surprised many by revealing what she looks like without her signature tattoos. The 46-year-old mum of seven from Wales covered up her extensive body art using makeup, prompting varied reactions, especially from her younger kids, who were accustomed to their “crazy” mum’s vibrant appearance. This article delves into Melissa’s tattoo journey, the experiment to conceal her tattoos, and the unexpected reactions from her family.

Melissa’s Tattoo Addiction: For over a decade, Melissa Sloan has adorned her entire body with tattoos, embracing various styles and techniques. Her dedication to body art extends to at-home tattoos and impromptu ink sessions in her van. With a reported frequency of acquiring a new piece three times a week, Melissa proudly identifies as a “tattoo addict,” showcasing her commitment to a unique and vibrant lifestyle.

melissa with her tattoos
Melissa has 800 tattoos over her whole body – and has been getting them for ten years ( Image: Melissa Sloan)

The Unveiling Experiment: Melissa covered all her tattoos with makeup to explore a different facet of her identity. The transformation was met with mixed responses, especially from her children, who were accustomed to their mother’s eccentric appearance. The experiment involved concealing intricate designs, including marijuana leaves and crucifixes on her face, using layers of Max Factor makeup. The striking before-and-after photos sparked discussions about identity, self-expression, and societal perceptions of body art.

Family Reactions: Melissa’s younger children, who reside with her, were reportedly taken aback by their mum’s uninked appearance. The drastic change led to an unexpected reaction, with the kids expressing discomfort and perceiving their mother as a “stranger.” Despite the positive feedback from others who praised her unadorned beauty, the experiment highlighted the deeply ingrained association between Melissa’s identity and her extensive tattoo collection.

Social Media Response: Taking to Facebook to share her transformation, Melissa received a largely positive response from her online community. People commended her beauty without tattoos, with comments expressing surprise and admiration. The experiment ignited conversations about the versatility of appearance and the societal perceptions attached to body modifications.

melissa covering the tattoos
She decided to cover them with ‘cement’ like makeup – but her children called her a ‘stranger’ ( Image: Melissa Sloan)

Melissa’s Perspective: Reflecting on the experiment, Melissa revealed that she used layers of Max Factor makeup to conceal her tattoos, jokingly comparing it to applying “thick cement.” While the positive comments poured in, she asserted her preference for her “crazy” and tattooed look, emphasizing that it’s her life, and she can choose to change it as she sees fit.

Conclusion: Melissa Sloan’s bold experiment to conceal her 800 tattoos provides a captivating glimpse into the intertwined relationship between identity, self-expression, and body art. The varied reactions from family and the online community underscore the societal perceptions surrounding tattoos. As Melissa continues her journey as a proud “tattoo addict,” the experiment serves as a reminder of the diverse ways individuals navigate and challenge societal expectations.

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